Weekend Fund

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About the Fund

I started Weekend Fund in 2017, shortly after AngelList's acquisition of Product Hunt. In early 2019, Vedika Jain joined as Chief of Staff. She's awesome.

The fund invests in early stage startups with check sizes ranging from $75K to $200K. While we invest broadly, we're particularly excited about a few particular spaces including distributed/remote working, audio/voice technology, and tools for creators/makers.

Here are some of our investments.

Beyond direct investments, we're experimental. Exhibit A.

If you're interested in investing in the next fund as an LP, contact me. 😊

Ryan Hoover


Weekend Build

Weekend Build is an experiment to help builders turn their side project into a company.

Applications to Weekend Build are now closed. If you're interested in learning more about our experiment, read this and the FAQ below.

Why would I signup for something like this?
This experiment is for people that are serious about their side project and want to take it full-time. We’re building a small community of ambitious makers to:

Accelerate progressKeep each other accountableMake introductions to experts across industries and roles
Like a product, we’ll iterate on this program together based on the group’s needs and creative ideas.

Do I have to be incorporated to participate?

Can I participate remotely?
Yes, absolutely. Weekend Build is fully remote. You can participate from anywhere as long as you can attend a weekly standup every Sunday at 10am Pacific Time.

What if I can’t make one of the Sunday stand ups?
We expect everyone to attend each standup but we understand life can get in the way. Please give us notice a week in advance if you’re unable to attend but any more than one absence will be very disappointing.

What type of side projects are you looking for?
Our selection criteria is broad, although two things must be true:

You must have the ability to make significant progress within an 8 week time period. This might be harder for some businesses that have long sales cycles (e.g. selling into universities) or heavy tech investment to de-risk the business (e.g. building a quantum computer)While the side project might be serving a niche audience (this is often a positive trait in the early days), there needs to be a path toward building a big business long term.
What type of people are you looking for?
We’re looking for people that are:

Currently working on a side projectSeriously considering quitting their job to turn their side project into a technology companyExtremely resourceful, driven, ethical, and have a unique perspective on the market they’re building for
What do you, Weekend Fund, get out of this?
There is no cost and we don’t take equity. Our goal is to better understand how Weekend Fund can support those building side projects and future founders.

What if I want to quit midway through?
Of course we’re not going to force anyone to participate if they don’t find it valuable. You can quit anytime, although we’re looking to work with people that are committed and excited to participate.

Will this program and my involvement be publicized?
If we make any public statement about your involvement, it will be cleared by you first.

Do I have to have a side project already?
Yes. You might be working on the side project as soon as last week or as long as two years.

What happens if I pivot my idea?
We expect people to pivot and will help participants through this decision.

Is there a deadline to apply?
Yes. The deadline to apply is August 11.

How does the selection process work?
After reviewing applications we will extend an invite to meet finalists over a 15 minute video call to learn more about you and your project. Afterward we will extend an invite to 6-10 people/teams to join Weekend Build.

Can teams participate?
Yes, we accept applications from solo builders and teams.

I have a friend that would be perfect for this program. How can I refer them?
So glad you asked! 😉

Please drop us an email at ryan@weekend.fund with their name and any details that might be helpful.

May I work on multiple projects?
You should be focused on one project at a time. Of course, as you gather more data and iterate on the project, it’s very likely some of you will pivot ideas.

Is this a startup accelerator?
We're not sure how to best categorize it. Let's call it an experiment for now.